Many recovering addicts and alcoholics struggle to navigate the daunting world of employment and education once they get sober, especially with lapsed work history and criminal records. The Susan and Leonard Nimoy Career Center provides vast resources for our clients to prepare for a purposeful future as they move through the course of treatment into the world of work. The Susan and Leonard Career Center is unique among treatment centers in the breadth of its offerings. It provides professional-level career counseling, résumé building, educational advisement, interview skills, and job placement – all designed to assist residents to become self-sufficient and to find their passions.

Work Therapy

One of the unique programs offered by the Susan and Leonard Nimoy Career Center is the Work Therapy program. Residents are offered the opportunity to work in one of several departments within BTS, including the Clinical department, the BTS Thrift Store and the Music department, among many others. Residents learn new skills, gain valuable work experience and prepare to enter the workforce while receiving a stipend and continuing with their individual treatment plans.

Sossin-Berman Externship Program

Through the Sossin-Bergman Externship Program, the Career Center offers residents the opportunity to pursue their passions in fields outside of Beit T’Shuvah. Residents have the opportunity to explore traditional and untraditional career opportunities in businesses throughout the city while receiving a stipend through the Sossin-Bergman Externship Program.

Kahn Educational Scholarship Fund

The Career Center also administers the Kahn Educational Scholarship Fund. Thanks to the generosity of Ronnie and Barbara Kahn, Beit T’Shuvah’s residents have access to the Kahn Educational Scholarship Fund, also administered by the Career Center. This unconventional fund provides educational grants to clients and recent alumni. The grants may be used to attend college or vocational school. Residents have used the scholarship to finish their bachelor’s degrees, work toward drug and alcohol counseling licenses, and much more.

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