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Our Mission

The Elaine Breslow Institute’s mission is to educate, advocate and promote the miracles of recovery.

Our Approach

Beit T’Shuvah’s Elaine Breslow Institute uses over 35 evidence-based treatment methods to teach the mission, vision, and philosophy of Beit T’Shuvah.  Using these teachings, we help your community address the holes in their souls, live a life of wholeness, and discover what it means to live well.

These teachings have become increasingly more necessary in today’s world which is full of high stress and a lack of spiritual connection. That stress and spiritual disconnection often manifests into many ways, including addiction to technology, a lack of drive from an early age (failure to launch) compulsive gambling, prescription and nonprescription drug abuse, alcohol abuse and other unhealthy forms of escape.  Our youth are among the most painfully impacted by these social and spiritual challenges. We aim to fix that.   

Our Audience

Change-makers:, clergy, educators, medical professionals, clinicians, politicians, social change advocates, philanthropists, and anyone interested in enriching their soul.

Resources For Your

A much needed conversation is taking shape here. There is a serious problem in our communities—in our homes. Children are stressed, anxious and depressed. Many are addicted. Some are suicidal. And parents aren’t doing much better. We get so caught up in competition; we want to be the best and we want our children to be the best, thinking that will make them happy… instead of helping them to be themselves.

Change starts here, at EBI.


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