A Congregation Dedicated to Healing

Congregation Beit T’Shuvah began in 1987 as a small Friday night service. It was held by a not-yet-Rabbi, Mark Borovitz, for eight men in the backyard of a halfway house on Lake Street. Today, the Congregation BTS clergy lead a thriving community of over 300 families. As Beit T’Shuvah has grown, so has the congregation. We’ve realized that our approach to faith, community, and spirituality has something deeply personal and authentic to offer everyone, not just to people in recovery.

We host weekly Friday night and Saturday morning services, High Holiday services, holiday celebrations, a wealth of Jewish education opportunities, and creative programming year-round.

True to our offbeat roots, our services are a blend of original live music, personal storytelling, and traditional prayer. Each week we celebrate transformation: expressing gratitude and sharing in sober birthdays, making Judaism relevant to daily life, and demonstrating how it can save lives. All of this and more foster an entirely personal spiritual experience for every congregant.




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We’re ‘Just Jewish.’

It doesn’t matter what sect of Judaism you were raised in, or if you’ve never dabbled in Judaism at all. We simply practice relevant Judaism, designed to help integrate faith and spirituality—in whatever form they take for you—into your daily life in a way that is meaningful and personal.

Our congregants include a blend of Beit T’Shuvah alumni, families of current residents, passionate supporters, and spiritual seekers looking to relate to their Judaism differently than the generations of the past.