Getting sober in normal circumstances is tough—add a global pandemic to the mix, and things can get really tough. Recovery programs are based on face-to-face support, and when people are isolated and don’t have that connection to other people in recovery, our minds can do crazy things to us. To get some more insight into these challenges, we spoke with a current resident of Beit T’Shuvah, Zeev R. He shared about his experience so far during the coronavirus outbreak.

When did you start drinking or using?

I smoked weed for the first time and drank alcohol at 13 for the first time.

How did you end up at Beit T’Shuvah?

I am from Winnipeg, MB, Canada and was in touch with a counselor from the Jewish Addiction Foundation who had luckily been through the immersion program here. (And spoke highly of it!)

What is it like being confined to your room during the quarantine?

This time has been very tough. I feel we have a lot to be grateful for here at ‘the Beit’, but at the same time being quarantined to our room is really challenging. But this is tough times for all, and we are trying to support and be here for one another as much as we can.

How do you keep occupied/entertained?

To keep busy, my roommate, Jake W, and I are doing in-room workouts, attending Zoom AA meetings and groups, listening to music and watching TV. I also feel this time is helping us come together and really talk and be there for one another.

Are you staying connected with family and friends?

This time has brought me closer to family and friends.

Do you have tips for others in early recovery for making it through the quarantine?

The only advice I can share, from my personal experience, would be if you’re feeling alone or down, talk to someone because we are all going through this and someone may be able to get you out the funk.

What have been the most challenging aspects of the last few weeks?

For sure being quarantined to the rooms and restrictions on when and where we can go.

What are you looking forward to?

I’m looking forward to things getting back to normal and not feeling like we are constantly walking on eggshells.