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Students participate in activities, create projects, and engage with professionals and residents in recovery about the real-life challenges of adolescence, including substance abuse, relationships, body image, and fitting in.

The prevention staff is a multi-disciplinary team of Jewish educators, mental health professionals, and recovering addicts.

Learning is rooted in the following concepts embedded in both psychology and Jewish spirituality:

  • Shemirat Ha-nefesh (Keeping One’s Soul) – the Jewish concept of self-value, and the infinite importance of life. Taking care of ourselves is, in effect, taking care of the soul.
  • T’shuvah(Transformation / Repentance) – the importance of being honest about our challenges, fears, and imperfections, so that we can release them and, in turn, become whole. NoteWhile the programs and curriculum are deeply informed by Jewish values and terms, Partners in Prevention also adapts the activities and language for non-Jewish schools and institutions.

[bts_colorbar2 bgcolor=”aqua” title=”Who We Serve” text=””][bts_blocka bgcolor=”rose” blocktype=”left” title=”The Student” text=”Schools, temples, youth groups, and camps.

Our program does not primarily emphasize drug-education but rather the underlying “spiritual maladies“ that lead youth toward unhealthy and risky behavior. We focus on teaching spiritual tools to cope with daily stress and anxiety.

Interactive exercises encourage honest discussion about life’s everyday pressures.
We offer a range of programs, from 90 minute workshops to fully developed 6-unit curriculums. We serve students and youth ages 12-18.*

*We aim to be flexible in addressing the schedules and particular needs of each organization. ” image=”566″][bts_blocka bgcolor=”orange” blocktype=”right” title=”The Parent” text=”Parents, like their children, face an enormous amount of pressure to succeed. We often operate from fear, which leads to choices that create lasting impact on our children.

Partners in Prevention aims to bridge the gap between parents and their kids. Families learn to set clear lines of communication, address real-life issues, and examine the root causes of destructive behaviors.

Families are then able to fortify their collective values in a way that encourages youth to become themselves, with autonomy and self-efficacy.” image=”567″][bts_colorbar3 bgcolor=”mediumgray” btncolor=”darkblue” headline=”For more information call Jessica Fishel at 310.204.5200 x236
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