Vision For You

Throughout history, stories have been the cornerstone of civilization. Stories bring us closer to each other, closer to ourselves, and closer to G-D. The mission of the Beit T’Shuvah Film Department is to show residents that they have something to say, their stories are unique yet relatable, and people want to hear them. We encourage them to express themselves through the cathartic nature of filmmaking. While therapy gives them an opportunity to talk through their emotions, filmmaking gives them the chance to express themselves through a language that transcends words.



Unlike many other art forms, filmmaking is a collaborative medium. This gives the residents a great opportunity to work together for a common goal, make friends, and get an unmatched sense of accomplishment and togetherness.



Each resident is encouraged to dive deep into themselves in an effort to imbue their films with a shards of their soul. Throughout the filmmaking process, that is exactly was residents do—process. Their final product, no matter the subject matter, is beautiful reflection of human existence told from a unique perspective only found within the walls of Beit T’Shuvah.



In 2019, while residents, Jesse Solomon and Ethan Jablow founded The Film Department. With nothing more than a drive to make movies and to teach other how cathartic writing and filmmaking can be, they took off running. Before long, they met with Adam Nimoy, board member, sanctuary committee chair, and seasoned director, for guidance. To this day, Jesse and Adam run weekly film groups and help usher residents through their creative process.

For more information, please contact Jesse Solomon at 310.204.5200 x248 or email him at JesseSolomon@beittshuvah.org