Sober Birthdays

Happy Birthday to You!

Congregation Beit T’Shuvah Celebrates Sober Birthdays

You may have heard us say “we guarantee you’ve never experienced a Shabbat service like ours before.” One of the reasons for that is our celebration of sober birthdays. Offering a truly transformative experience to those who witness it, residents and alumni from the community celebrate their annual sober birthdays by sharing gratitude with the community, and inviting friends and family to join them as they take their cake.

Each week people celebrate anywhere from one year to 25+ years sober, all with the loving support of the entire congregation.

To sign up for your sober birthday celebration please fill out the form below or call Nicole Goodman at 310.204.5200 x255

Celebrating Sober Birthdays

January 1, 1970

Judy C.--4 Years

Eric Schwartz--9 Years

July 27, 2018

Jon A.--1 Years

August 10, 2018

Jonathan S.--1 Years

August 17, 2018

Namita S.--1 Years

Nicole H.--1 Years

Ian L.--2 Years

Josh F.--3 Years

Barbara Friedman--18 Years

Doug Rosen--14 Years

Dano Goldman--7 Years

David Presser--7 Years

August 24, 2018

DJ--3 Years

Lysa Harrison--9 Years

Karen Matulis--3 Years

Adina Stern--1 Years

August 31, 2018

Bobby Webster--1 Years

Ezra Horowitz--2 Years

Jeremy Pool--4 Years

Lindsay Pool--4 Years

Ryan Nejal--3 Years

Nate Roth--2 Years

Justin Ashford--1 Years

September 7, 2018

Rick Whearty--16 Years

Jimmy Pearlman--16 Years

Emanuela Rostovtsev--2 Years

Donovan Strydom--2 Years

September 21, 2018

Taryn Williams--5 Years

October 12, 2018

Robin Kaufman is--8 Years

Diana Margulies--7 Years

October 26, 2018

Michael Kamenir--3 Years

November 2, 2018

Benjamin L.--2 Years

March 1, 2019

Jeffrey Lester--1 Years

March 22, 2019

Sarah M.--1 Years

June 28, 2019

Jon G.--3 Years

Request a Birthday

  • Sober cakes are celebrated at Shabbat Services which begin each Friday at Beit T'Shuvah at 6:30pm followed by dinner.
  • First Name and Last Name or Initial
  • Limit: 8
  • Suggested donation of $400

Sponsor A Shabbat!

It costs Beit T'Shuvah approximately $2000 a week to host Shabbat; your donations are much appreciated to help offset this cost.

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