Residential Program

Treating the Whole Self

Beit T’Shuvah Inpatient Program

In addition to being a “dis-ease of the soul,” addiction is a learned behavior. At Beit T’Shuvah, we believe that in order to form new habits and choices, we need to dedicate a healthy amount of time and resources toward a lifetime of sobriety. As such, we offer a three-level recovery system.

Primary Care

A New Beginning.

For residents in their first 120-180 days of recovery.

Extended Care

The Next Chapter.

The 3–6 months following primary care, in which residents are beginning to transition back into the world.


Venturing Forward

Upon leaving Beit T’Shuvah, residents continue a level of care that works for them.

This first chapter of treatment is focused on safety, self-care, and building relationships. Clients in this phase live in the house, participate in all programming, and are an integral part of the community.

Primary Care includes:

Individual counseling
Group counseling
Spiritual counseling
Psychiatric care (if necessary)
Attendance of Shabbat & Holiday Services
Introduction to AA and the 12-Steps

And offers an array of healthy group instruction through

Substance abuse education

Relapse prevention

AA step study

Jewish ethics

Relationship skills

Life skills

Healthy living

Anger management

Conflict resolution

Personal Responsibility

In this phase, residents learn how to build a new, sustainable, sober life beyond Beit T’Shuvah’s walls. They work on life skills, including financial budgeting, paying rent, and learning to integrate recovery into the demands of daily living. During Extended Care, residents can intern, extern, or find outside jobs while still receiving the level of care that works for them.

Creative Arts: Freedom of Expression

Residents begin to shape their passion through a myriad of inspiring, therapeutic outlets:

Art therapy
Creative writing
Freedom Song
Sondra and Marvin Smalley and Family Music in Recovery Program
Theater Program

Mind/Body: Strength From the Inside Out

A comprehensive program allows residents to nourish the body and expand the soul.

Equine therapy
Organic Learning Garden
Personal training
Running 4 Recovery Marathon Team (links out)
Surf therapy

Aftercare is tailored to fit each client’s needs. It can entail any and all aspects of the program, usually ones that were most beneficial to the client. This includes counseling, individual therapy, groups, spiritual guidance, family therapy, and access to the larger community.

A distinctive part of aftercare is our Alumni community. Whether through the Alumni Association, council, AA community, or our synagogue, alumni remain deeply connected to the Beit T’Shuvah community. They often find great meaning for themselves and their families, and many continue the tradition by mentoring current residents in treatment.

Our career center empowers our clients to pursue a purposeful future as they move through the course of treatment into the world of work. Residents are given tools and support to follow their passion through:

Professional career counseling
Resume building
Educational advisement
Interview skills
Job placement

Work as Therapy

In work therapy, residents are given in-house opportunities for 3-6 months to learn new professional skills in a healing environment. We offer internships across a wide range of departments:

Clinical training
Culinary training
Physical fitness & nutrition
Building maintenance
Nonprofit fundraising
Thrift store retail
Marketing and advertising
Over 80% of Beit T’Shuvah staff members are former residents. Many of them started as work therapy participants.

The Sossin-Bergman Externship Program

The Sossin-Bergman Externship Program offers six-month externships at a variety of outside businesses, spanning:

Digital brand marketing
Music industry management
Commercial film production
Real estate and many more
Many of our partners end up hiring residents at the end of their program.

For More Information

About the career center, Work Therapy Program, or Externship Program, please contact the career center at 310.204.5200 x217.