Running 4 Recovery

Beit T’Shuvah’s LA Marathon Team



If you will be running in the morning, be sure to eat a good breakfast, something that’s primarily good carbs. If you’ll be running later in the day, also pay attention to what you eat within the last few hours before your run. Good carbs include foods such as bagels, oatmeal, whole grain bread, and fresh fruit.

Stay away from high fat and protein breakfasts such as steak and eggs. What you’re trying to do is provide your body with fuel that will be readily available throughout the run. Sugary treats will get you pumped up for the first few miles, but then you’ll be likely to feel very lethargic as your blood sugar drops too quickly. High fat/protein meals won’t provide immediate energy and are likely to feel like a lump in your stomach throughout your run.

Also be sure to time your meals and choose appropriate portion sizes. For example, a bowl of oatmeal an hour before the run might be perfect for some, too much or too little for others. Experiment until you find what’s right for you. Also be sure you’ve had enough water so you aren’t running underhydrated. You’ll know you’re underhydrated if your urine is dark yellow.


If your mid-week run will be longer than 5-8 miles, be sure to have something to eat and drink along the way so you won’t run out of energy. Consider either an electrolyte/sports drink, or water and an electrolyte gel. For runs longer than an hour, be sure to continue with either the sports drink, or water and gel every few miles or every 30-40 minutes.

If you are on a Sunday run with the team, you don’t need to bring any of this. Our volunteers will staff snack stops along the way to provide you with not just the appropriate fuel, but also lots of smiles and morale support.


Even if your run is just a few miles, it’s always wise to re‐hydrate. And, if your runs are longer than an hour, be sure to restore your glycogen levels with a good carb snack. For runs longer than 10‐12 miles, protein is essential as well so you can begin rebuilding your muscles right away and reduce the soreness later in the week. Chocolate milk and protein drinks are popular choices for a recovery drink.

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