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Beit T’Shuvah’s LA Marathon Team

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Running 4 Recovery

Beit T’Shuvah’s L.A. Marathon Team

About Running 4 Recovery

In 2009, Beit T’Shuvah assembled a team of 12 runners to participate in the Los Angeles Marathon. In 2018, our team was nearly 50 strong. Staff, alumni, residents and community supporters embark on this monumental athletic journey to help raise awareness and funds for Beit T’Shuvah. Currently, 98% of our residents in addiction treatment are on scholarship.

You don’t have to be in treatment to be Running 4 Recovery—you can run or walk for the next soul in need!

What We Run For

The Running 4 Recovery team supports the residents at Beit T’Shuvah who are working hard every day to turn their lives around. For three decades, Beit T’Shuvah’s unique approach to recovery has been helping people struggling with addiction to rebuild their lives. We have provided treatment to thousands of addicts and their families, most of which cannot afford to pay. When you join our team, you can be the difference in saving someone’s life.

What Sets Us Apart

Of the many teams that run the L.A. Marathon, Running4Recovery is top among them, offering the most in expertise, support, free gear, and personal satisfaction!

Benefits Include:

Certified Coaches
Our coaches are certified by the Roadrunners Club of America, and experienced endurance athletes with a passion for running and helping you do your best. They lead training and offer guidance and support. 

Injury Prevention
Our coaches provide classes on proper running form, stretching, and foam rolling, all designed to prevent injuries during the season. If however, you do experience pain, our team doctor, Dr. Hannon, can treat any running related injuries.

Five-month Training Program
Beginning mid-October and continuing through Marathon Day, we train as a team weekly and participate in running events to prepare for the big day.

Weekly Group Runs
Group runs are held every Sunday morning at 7am. During the early season, most runs will start at the Santa Monica Pier, and later in the season we will run different sections of the L.A. Marathon course, so you will know what to expect on the big day. All runs are supported by Beit T’Shuvah volunteers, offering hydration and snacks along the way.

Non‐competitive Supportive Team
Our number one priority is ensuring that you enjoy yourself while achieving your goal. Whether that be walking or running, completing the full marathon or being part of the mid-season race, we will always cheer you on and help you realize your potential.

Free Stuff!
Unlike other teams, we’ve got you covered*, for:

  • Your marathon registration
  • Registration to a mid-season race
  • A complimentary team t-shirt
  • A team-wide pre-Marathon dinner
  • A hotel stay the night before the big day!

* These incentives are provided given participants reach their fundraising goal as outlined by the BTS Running4Recovery staff.

Discounts on Running Gear
Local participating stores coming soon!

10K registration
Nothing beats a test run (literally)! Included in your team benefits is our participation in a 10K early in the training season.

Mid-Season Race Registration
To further build your confidence and excitement, we also participate in a mid-season race.

L.A. Marathon Registration
As part of our team, you will automatically be registered for the L.A. Marathon.  Unlike most teams, this is included, so there’s no charge to you.

Team Dinner
We all come together at a downtown-L.A. restaurant the evening before the marathon for a sponsored team dinner.

Pre‐Race Hotel Stay
For your convenience, we sponsor a night’s hotel stay close to the stadium the night before the marathon. We’ll meet in the lobby early on marathon morning, and travel together to Dodger Stadium.

Fundraising Kit
Along the way, you’ll be coached by our experts on how to fundraise. Our fundraising kit provides you with messaging ideas and other tips for sending letters, emails, making calls, and posting to social media.

Fundraising Mentor
Asking for money can be difficult. Our mentors will provide guidance every step of the way.  With this individualized support, many of our runners have surpassed their fundraising goals!




Running is hard. Recovery is harder…The volunteers telling their stories of sobriety brought me to tears and reminded me that my money was literally saving lives. This was beautiful. — Anonymous

I run the marathon to stay sober first…and for my health second. Making a commitment to run in marathon and fundraise helps me become a better person in sobriety and better person all around. — Anonymous

Because my family can afford… a bed for me at BTS, and I know someone out there may not have the funds or even a family for that matter. I run so that one day someone else can get the chance I got, so that one day someone won’t have to worry that they have nothing – because I run, maybe one day that person can have everything. — Anonymous

You can’t be more than you are…at the moment, but you also can’t accept less than your potential. I run because it helps me keep life’s challenges in perspective. Training and completing a marathon is simply a microcosm for the journey of life. It gives me strength to keep stepping forward in faith even after crossing the “finish line.” — Anonymous

I joined the marathon team because…my friend told me that residents who ran with the team had a much lower relapse rate. I’m in this Jewish rehab because I want to overcome my addiction and become a better person. That’s the whole point of recovery, so why wouldn’t I take advantage of every opportunity?! — Anonymous