Alumni Association

We are all part of the same community

Our founder, Harriet Rossetto, famously says that if you don’t come back to visit, you’ll come back to stay. As alumni leave treatment and go out into the world, it’s important to stay connected with one another and to current residents. The Steven Bradley Dorf Alumni Association does just that. As alumni Richie Kulchar phrased it, “we are all part of the same community.”

Get Involved

Current residents often have no idea how they can build new lives in which they can be successful and happy. Meeting and getting to know alumni who have followed their passions puts a face to the success story, dramatically improving residents’ experiences in early recovery. Residents can begin to imagine a light at the end of the rehab tunnel. Through events like Alumni Shabbat, the Association offers a way to bring everyone back, sometimes to just ‘kick it’ and have a good time together. The Association acts as a collective role model, showing residents that there’s great things to be done outside of Beit T’Shuvah.

The support and love you receive here doesn’t have to end when you complete treatment.

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