12th Annual Circle of Majesty

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12th Annual Circle of Majesty

On Tuesday, April 2nd, 175 women gathered at The Four Seasons in Beverly Hills for the 12th annual Circle of Majesty luncheon. The Circle of Majesty is comprised of a group of women who have pledged to support Beit T’Shuvah’s work in preventing, educating, and treating the disease of addiction for all those in need, regardless of the financial obstacles that are often in the way.

The event raised over $250,000, and honored Judy Flesh with the Majesty Service Award for her exceptional volunteer work as an Art Therapist. Judy began facilitating an art psychotherapy group at Beit T’Shuvah 19 years ago, and continues to donate her time and expertise on a weekly basis so that residents can benefit from a discipline that combines psychotherapy and art into a powerful healing practice. The money raised from this year’s Circle of Majesty will go directly toward the establishment of the Orden/Flesh Art Therapy Endowment Fund, which will ensure that this important program remains a permanent part of Beit T’Shuvah’s clinical repertoire.

The integration of art and therapy can be profoundly healing for those who can’t find the right words to describe their feelings. “Art therapy allows residents to connect to their inner selves. They can draw what they are feeling and express themselves in a safe place,” says Judy. With her dedication and compassion, Judy Flesh is a tremendous gift to the Beit T’Shuvah community and an integral part of their recovery program.

Photos from the 12th Annual Circle of Majesty