Theater Program

Theater Therapy

Addicts are expert chameleons, constantly hiding their true selves behind figurative masks. Learning to use these skills productively and creatively—by literally putting on masks—allows us to dig deeper into what’s behind them. At Beit T’Shuvah, instead of acting up, we act out… our feelings.

All the World’s Your Stage

The Beit T’Shuvah Theater Program offers many means of self-discovery:

Cultural Enrichment

We hold screenings of educational and entertaining films on subjects relevant to recovery and Judaism. We also go on outings to the Center Theater Group, the Los Angeles Ballet Company, L.A. Opera, Los Angeles Jewish Film Festival, and Los Angeles Israel Film Festival.

Creative Partnerships

We partner with a number of professional organizations in a creative exchange of programs, including but not limited to: The Miracle Project, Jewish Women’s Theater, Pico-Union Project, Theater DYBBUK, and USC Theater Department.

Theater Junkies

Theatrical improv games and exercises encourage residents to use their imaginations and express themselves in the moment.

Recovery Theater

Role play and improvisation help residents explore alternatives in resolving everyday situations. Residents reflect on their personal stories and how to more effectively communicate their experiences before and during recovery.

Scene Study

Residents learn acting, stage techniques, and theatrical vocabulary, leading to a scene showcase featuring well-known works that are performed before the greater BTS community.

Playwright Workshop

Residents collaborate on creating original theatrical productions, beginning in the writer’s room with experienced working Hollywood professionals.

The Miracle Project

Beit T’Shuvah residents volunteer at this incredible non profit, assisting young adults with autism and other disabilities in using improvisation and acting techniques to build social skills, communication, and self-esteem.